infinity health medical centre, green square










305 Botany Road, Green Square

Infinity Health Medical Centre

Crown International Holdings Group

Completed September 2019

Koichi Takada Architects 

Michiru Design Studio 

Perfect Practice

Maker By Design 

Michael Nicholson Photography

Situated on the first floor, floating above the busy intersection of Bourke Street & Botany Road, visitors of IHMC enjoy the unique experience of emerging from city causeway into a tranquil but colourful oasis of healing calm.

The central concept of IHMC is that of a Floating Island - reflecting the aspiration of the Centre to offer a modern yet relaxed space for visitors to not only experience advanced treatment but also to enjoy the space that promotes wellbeing.

Contrasting hues of calming blue and strong whites are used in clean circular silhouettes at reception, playing towards waves lapping on a white sandy shore.

The curvilinear architecture lend itself to a layout where consult rooms sit along fully glazed façade, which creates a long corridor with little natural daylight that in ordinary circumstances may have become a source of visitor and practitioner discontent. However, this challenge was resolved with exciting splashes of bright sunset and island grass inspired colours, cutting through bold white tones, to create a lively area, again playing into the motif of a modern tropical eventide.

The use of bold colours with subtle lighting effects to enhance the layers of striking whites, challenges the notion of clinical and monotonous grey and beige that are often the norm for Medical interiors, allowing visitors to remember the visit and experience of floating through the islands of Infinity Health Medical Centre.